• Do you like to shop?    We are now registered with 'Give as you live'.  

You can support our charity as you shop!  It's easy to do!  Totally free to use!  No hassle!

Just sign up, www.giveasyoulive.com, choose 'MK Christmas Party for the Elderly' as your chosen charity and on each spend, no matter how small, a donation will be sent to the charity. 

Shop at over 5,500 leading stores via the website www.giveasyoulive.com and you'll raise free funds for 
MK Christmas Party For The Elderly.

  • It's completely free to join and use
  • A great way to raise money for charity for free
  • Shop at over 5,500 leading stores !!!
  • Browse loads of great offers and voucher codes
  • Multi award-winning fundraising platform

REMEMBER, first create your account, www.giveasyoulive.com, then when you shop online go to the 'Give as you live' website, www.giveasyoulive.com or download the app to your iPhone, Android or iPad.

And you can simply make a donation from our 'Give as you live' page.     Making donating a doddle!

pstt ...... please pass this on to your friends and family, the more the merrier .

HAPPY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!                                      THANK YOU!

  • Do you shop on Amazon?
    Then one small change you can make will make a BIG difference.  Simply switch to 'AmazonSmile', it's easy and doesn't cost you a penny.   smile.amazon.co.uk   
    Remember to select 'MK Christmas Party for the Elderly' when you first set up your account.                                                              

  • Are you able to sponsor a guest?

We are looking for sponsorship for each one of our guests.  Here's how it works:

No matter how much you donate, we want to let our guests know who the special people are who have sponsored their Christmas Day.

Our target sponsorship for each guest is £100.00.  This amount will cover the cost of the Christmas Day event and all our other Charity expenses incurred in bringing this together.  (If we have any residual funding, it is always carried over into the following year.)

This sponsorship may be met by individuals contributing smaller sums, a fundraising event or by local businesses that can sponsor one or more of our guests.  We aim to display your name, maybe grouped with other names who have helped to hit that target, or your company name, at the table setting of the guest that you helped to sponsor, so that they can see who has generously sponsored their place.  Sponsoring more than one guest?  Then your name will have more than one display.  

We are looking forward to filling the tables with our supporters' names.  As always, if you prefer to remain anonymous that's also fine with us.       

                                                     THANK YOU!

  • Want to donate another way?
    You can donate directly to the Charity, with cash or cheque (payable to MKCDPE),
     or you can go via 
    Give as you live or JustGiving
    Be sure to enter your name or company name so that we can acknowledge your contribution!                                                                                       THANK YOU!                                                                                                               

  • Want to set up your own fundraising event in support of the Christmas Day Party?

           You can do just that with  JustGiving or  Give as you live  .

                                                                                                                                    THANK YOU!

  • Have you any other ideas?
    We would love to hear from you.                                                       THANK YOU!