Do you use Amazon? If you do then please think about downloading Amazon Smile and selecting the MK Christmas Party for the Elderly and help us raise funds.

In order to continue, we must rely on our Volunteers and external financial support, and we therefore ask to be considered as a most worthy cause for your donation and goodwill towards the elderly in our community. You may be able to contribute financially, or with your time, or even provide relevant resources.

If there is a way that you are able to support financially or otherwise. we are waiting to hear from you.

We are currently looking for sponsors for each and everyone of our 100 guests.

Sponsoring one of our guests would mean a contribution of  £100.00, which will cover all the costs for bringing them together for Christmas dinner, fun, entertainment, sing alongs and gifts, a truly memorable day for them.

Would you be able to sponsor 1 of our guests?

As thanks, you will be included on our list of sponsors which will appear here on our website, there also will be a name card for [YOUR NAME or COMPANY NAME HERE] at the dinner table of your sponsored guest. You may, of course, be able to sponsor more than one guest, so one name card for each sponsored guest will show your support. We are looking forward to filling the tables with our supporters names.

As always, the Mayor of Milton Keynes will visit the party and there will be a featured article in the MK Citizen to raise further awareness of the event and to thank all our Sponsors.

We hope you can participate in this truly worthy cause.

We can be contacted by email: for more information,

Or you may wish to donate directly via JustGiving: , But be sure to enter your name or company name so that we can acknowledge your contribution!

A Huge Thanks to all our supporters in advance!

We truly appreciate all the help we can get!

The MK Christmas Day Party For The Elderly Committee would like to thank Aspers Casino for their generous contribution to the MK Christmas Day Party For The Elderly funds to enable this event to be held once again on Christmas Day. Without the continued support of our contributors, we would not be able to show our appreciation for the elderly in the area by giving them a special Christmas Day Party.

"We are delighted to support the MK Christmas Day Party for the Elderly by contributing to the cost of the event. The party is an important local community event which has been running for 27 years. Aspers Casinos strive to help out in the community and we are proud to be associated with this worthy cause. Our donation will really make a difference, helping people who may otherwise not see anyone on Christmas day".

Nigel Hartland, General Manager, The Casino MK.