Frequently asked quesions

I would like to volunteer. Do I need any special qualifications?

No special qualifications are required other than the desire to help the elderly on Christmas Day.

However if you have special qualifications such as First Aid Training or working with hearing impaired. We would appreciate your skills.

I would like to volunteer as a Driver. Do I need any special qualifications?

No special qualifications are required but it is essential that you have a valid driving license, a road worthy and legal vehicle and insurance that covers passengers (please check with your insurance broker/company if unsure). 

How do I volunteer?

There is a form within this website which you can complete. Please complete one form per person attending. Not one form per household.

There will be a volunteers meeting a week before Christmas Day which you will be invited.

At that time, the volunteers will be introduced to the committee members and given a tour of the venue.

The volunteers will be guided through what they can expect during the day. Health and Safety items will be addressed.

The event drivers will be given their guidelines and a list of guests.

If a volunteer is unable to attend the meeting, please contact the appropriate committee member know and information will be posted or emailed later after the meeting.

I am planning on volunteering. Do I need to stay all day?

We realize that working all day at the event is not possible in some cases.

However we do request that a volunteer makes a commitment for at least 3 hours.

If a volunteer works for the entire event or longer than 3 hours, they will be served Christmas Dinner. This includes volunteers that are vegetarian. We also have a volunteers' only room for periods of when they need a 'break' from the activities.

We request that volunteers bring a minimum number of items with them. There is a volunteers' room but it is not very large nor secure. If you have any specific questions please contact Lou Kullman by email or phone.

My family would like to assist as volunteers on Christmas Day. Can we?

For the last 4 years we have had whole families participating in volunteering. We have enjoyed it very much. However due to the amount of activity on Christmas Day we request that children younger than 13 are not included.

I know an Elderly person who should participate in the Christmas Day Party. Who do I contact?

The first date the organisation accepts guests for the Party will be announced in the Milton Keynes Citizen newspaper and on this website towards the end of November. This gives the committee time to review the number of volunteers and other factors necessary for a successful party.

Can husband and wives attend as guests?

The organisation gives priority to persons who will be alone on Christmas Day. However couples may be included if they are both over 60 and there is sufficient space.

Is there an age requirement to attend?

We feel that we can benefit guests who are 60 years and older.

Will a guest be excluded if there is a medical problem?

No, the organisation will always has medically trained personnel at the event to assist if there are any problems. Also we request a brief medical history in order that the volunteers who manage and transport the guests with a medical condition will be knowledgeable in case a situation arises.

Are guests excluded if they are using a wheelchair?

We make accommodations for persons with special requirements. Guests using wheelchairs or walking aids are welcome. However we do have limitations based upon space and the availability of appropriate vehicles.

How do I know if the driver is from The MK Christmas Day Party for the Elderly?

All volunteer drivers will have an ID Badge from the organisation. If you are unsure please call Ruth Seabrook an the number provided on the confirmation letter you will receive following your booking.